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Welcome to my video on ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Tutorial: The Color Enhancer video number two of our videos about the effects. In this we are showing you the very different uses of one of the most powerful effects inside ON1 Photo Raw, this is a effect that you can use in a ton of different situations and you can combine different settings for many duplicate Color Enhancer effects.
ON1 2021 Tutorial: My Most Efficient Import, Keywording and Auto-Presets Workflow.

Welcome to my video on ON1 2021 Tutorial: My Most Efficient Import, Keywording and Auto-Presets Workflow.

This is me showing you my most efficient workflow and my most logical structure for when importing, key wording, organizing and preset loading photographs.

This tutorial is great for anyone who can feel they need a more efficient workflow.

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Welcome to my new video: Luminar AI Tutorial – My Event/concert Photo WorkflowIn this video tutorial we are transforming two images of the metal band Slayer into something decent inside Luminar AI. This is done by doing pretty advanced editing, so make sure to watch the entire video from start to finish to learn how to transform dull images into something exiting!
Welcome to my new video on editing inside : ON1 Photo Raw 2021 This is another long video, but it’s pretty advanced editing where we go from a dull and blurry image to a image that pops with intense colors and sharpness. I think this video shows how amazing ON1 Photo Raw 2021 is as a photo editor, but of-course same results may be achieved in other editors as well
Welcome to a Luminar AI Guide This video is a long one and is for those who want to see different approaches to editing inside Luminar AI and for those who are not sure if they want to buy this product as I highlight who Luminar AI is for. In this video we are doing 3 image edits in 3 different ways. Then we go into details of who and what Luminar AI is for (in my opinion) and chat about various usages, I guess it’s sort of a review.
Welcome to another ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Guide In this video inside ON1 Photo Raw 2021 we are explaining a bit on how to read a histogram. We are also editing this image that where exposed for the sun, so we need to edit the shadows, black point, white point and exposure to make the foreground and mid ground a bit brighter.